End of Semester Question:

what did you learn this semester in the beginning video class?

With the end of the school year, on my last day of class in 2011, I asked my beginning students to share what they had learned this semester while producing each their own short video piece. I said they could say anything they wanted.

With almost half of them being freshmen, their responses surprised me: one by one they came up with deep statements... which after a while sounded more and more like pearls of wisdom that belonged inside a... fortune cookie!

I had often said to them, jokingly, that I had looked for a department called "Life, Film and Media Studies" but I had to settle for "Film and Media Studies."

I am glad that while each one produced their own short film, they also learned something that went far beyond filmmaking.

The picture below was taken during that last day of class after they had coined their fortune cookie wisdom. I had asked them to write it down so it could be, like a time capsule, of possible use at later point.

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