More Vita Highlights Than What You Have Below

Presently the Unlearning Specialist at the School of No-Media, Pier Marton is a speaker/writer/artist/educator and film consultant. He was born and raised in Paris and moved to the U.S. in the early seventies to live and teach in Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, San Diego, San Francisco and, more recently, St. Louis. In parallel to teaching media at major universities, his many video-art activities have included video installations, performances and documentaries (with works in prominent museums like MoMA and Beaubourg).

Both as an artist and as a teacher much of his work has focused on our consumption of images which, because of his family history, has taken him into questioning the representation of the Shoah. After spending most of his life around the  avant-garde of media (i.e., video art), now that new media offers more and more a form of pseudo-challenge to the status quo, Marton wonders whether it is “no-media” that needs to be considered the next frontier; can we look beyond media and most concepts, however “practical” those may appear to be?

He is available for presentations and workshops on:
Non-Images & No-Media – Slow Cinema – Shoah and Film- Experimental Cinema and Video Art – Film Painting in Sound/Movement – Non-Violent Media – Imperfection in Film – Unclassifiable Music/Arts – Blinded by Sight – The Shoah in 1,000 Years – A Porous Reality – Secular Jews (Broken Tablets and Broken Noses) – Taking it the Hard Way – Exhilarating Creativity – and anything else that may be ignored by society at large.

Remnants from recent exchanges: an extensive interview in a Bolivian paper, Images of the Other (at the School of Visual Arts Alguonquin Annual Conference), Resistance (at an annual St. Louis Yom HaShoah/Holocaust Commemoration).