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Posted by on Jan 1, 2016 in Action, Art, Care, Complexity, Death, Doc, Eco, Education, Ego, Free, Health, Highlights, Human Rights, Ideas, Media, Now, Peace, Poet, Religion, Site, Spectacle, Time, Violence, Wars, World |

On January 1st, World-Wide Wishful Thinking Day, the Grand Opening of the School of No Media! Excerpts from the front-page: “We live as if tomorrow did not exist, ignoring the imminent oblivion that awaits us all… but it does not stop there. The fact that experience is not transmissible compounds all of our mistakes, and our planet steadily falls apart. Full of wishful thinking, we want to believe… but nothing is a surprise anymore. What we know strangles us: reality is off limits and immediacy has gone. Our universe is built up to the extent that alienation, separation, isolation – and for some of us, exile – have become the very fabric of our existence, the only turf we inhabit.
Both centrality and normalcy as a whole are two of our major hoaxes, but again it goes further: like some kind of tautological monstrosity, we are so full of ourselves, we have become the victims of our own centrality” […]

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Free Word Lens Languages Now!

Posted by on May 17, 2014 in Free, iOS, Now, Peace, Software, World | 2 comments

While Quest Visual’s Word Lens is being purchased by Google, that app is available for free (instead of the $4.99 per language In-App purchase)
for Google Glass, Android and iPhone.
Make sure you download all of the languages you may be interested in at some point!
Once downloaded it works offline.
English <–> Spanish
English <–> French
English <–> German
English <–> Italian
English <–> Russian
English <–> Portuguese

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