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Posted by on Nov 3, 2017 in Afri, Antisemitism, Art, Asia, Doc, Film, Genocide, Hispanic, History, Human Rights, Humor, Ideas, Jewish, Judaism, Juif, Magyar, Media, Middle-East, Music, Native, Peace, Politics, Racism, Shoah, Site, STL, Time, US, Violence, Women, Youth |

Like with all of the St. Louis International Film Festivals (SLIFF), the 26th version makes it very easy again to be overwhelmed by the number of films presented. Ready for this year’s astounding stats?

Over 2400 submissions, plus a few hundred films from distributors, sales agents and studios.
After careful vetting, these are the winners:
372 films from 64 countries

When I introduce SLIFF to someone who is not familiar with it, I tell them that this is a fantastic way to travel the world and a rare chance to watch films that will possibly never reappear in St. Louis (nor possibly in the US)…

… even if they are masterpieces!
And every year, such pieces make their way to SLIFF,

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It takes two to tango or to do pilpul…

Posted by on Sep 22, 2014 in Human Rights, Ideas, Jewish, Judaism, Middle-East, Politics, Security, US |

Israel is isolated through lack of dialogue… As with Tibetan learning (like the pilpul [Hebrew for pepper] of Talmud study – through a dyad), the truth is supposed to engage at least someone else! There is no truth by oneself. Re-read Martin Buber, Yeshayahu Leibowitz or Emmanuel Lévinas & end totalitarian manipulations – always based on fear. Speak up!
“There is more space to be critical of Israel in Israel than in North America, said Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie, a former president of the Union for Reform Judaism, who wrote an article for the current issue of Reform Judaism magazine on rabbis who feel “muzzled.” He said in an interview, ‘There are a range of opinions in Israel, and there should be a range of opinions here.'” […]

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Against The Zealots: Rabbi Hertzberg to Elie Wiesel

Posted by on Jul 23, 2014 in Human Rights, Jewish, Judaism, Middle-East, Politics, Wars |

“Israel will be redeemed by righteousness, and those who return to it, by acts of loving kindness.” To be silent is an act of misplaced love. Such silence gives free reign to the armed zealots of ages past, and of this day. Several times in our history, armed zealots have led the Jewish people to glorious disasters. Encouragement by silence, of the kind some of the rabbis gave the zealots when they declared war on Rome in the first century, has a long history of being tragically wrong. We dare not repeat this mistake. […]

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Holocaust/Shoah: Today & Tomorrow

Posted by on Jan 28, 2014 in Antisemitism, Doc, Education, History, Jewish, Judaism, Middle-East, Peace, Politics, Shoah, Spectacle, Wars, Women |

What does it mean “to remember”? EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS NOW, BOTH THE PAST AND THE FUTURE. As per my “The Holocaust in 1,000 Years” presentation, it is clear that the future of that past is here to stay. Some reflections on the future of that past: 1. Ruth Klüger – A visitor who feels moved, even if it is only the kind of feeling that a haunted house conveys will be proud of these stirrings of humanity. And so the visitor monitors his reactions, examines his emotions, admires his own sensibility, or in other words, turns sentimental… turning away from an ostensible object and towards the subjective observer, that is, towards oneself. It means looking into a mirror instead of reality. […]

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St. Louis’ Jews – St. Louis et ses Juifs

Posted by on Jun 20, 2013 in Antisemitism, France, History, Human Rights, Jewish, Judaism, Juif, Popular, Racism, STL |

Counter-history is the revelation of all minorities… I was raised in France, learning to honor “le bon roi St. Louis qui lavait les pieds des pauvres à Vincennes” – the good king who washed the feet of the poor at his castle in Vincennes. Now I live in the U.S. city of St. Louis which is about to celebrate its 250th anniversary.

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