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The Void and its Pressure

Posted by on Jan 1, 2016 in Art, Care, Complexity, Death, Doc, Education, Ego, Hispanic, Ideas, NON, Now, Peace, Poet, Site, Spectacle, Text, The Future, Time, Violence, Wars, Women, Words, World, Youth |

An interview with Pier Marton, translated from the Spanish. Excerpts: “what follows does not represent ideas but stands for a lived-through experience — something which by definition can neither be communicated nor argued with… what needs to be unlearned is beyond our grasp… it is by becoming somebody that one crowns a successful education — self-distinction, self-inflation are inculcated from the start… what is being discussed here corresponds to the very same silence that Rimbaud and Gauguin may have experienced through their exiles, or through death’s notorious silence… It should be evident that when something tragic takes place, words are failing us. Those crises contain a form of wisdom and clarity which would be good to apply during our “normal” states — not only during those dramatic transitions, when we don’t know what is happening. We actually never know what is happening and, in finding speech inadequate, words should always fail us. […]

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Banksy’s October New York Guerilla Fiesta

Posted by on Nov 2, 2013 in Afri, Art, Asia, Care, Death, Education, Food, Galleries, Hispanic, Human Rights, Humor, Ideas, Media, Mystery, NON, Objects, Peace, Poet, Politics, Racism, Sights, Spectacle, Teach, Text, Time, US, World, Youth |

At the edges of the art world and its fetishisation, and banking on it. Make sure you check out The Sirens of the Lambs. & a summary of some of Banksy’s work (“guerilla art”) at the very bottom of the page – BETTER OUT THAN IN – October 2013 – An Artists Residency on the Streets of New York – All pictures painted inside, in the studio, will never be as good as those done outside. Paul Cézanne – Consists of Excerpts from Banksy’s Site (mostly).[…]

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Counter-Jews (Lou Reed, Mclaren & Other Punks Like Alan Vega/Marty Rev from Suicide)

Posted by on Oct 29, 2013 in Antisemitism, Art, Ideas, Jewish, Middle-East, Music, NON, Politics, Popular, Shoah, Spectacle, Youth | 1 comment

I am what I am, it is what it is. Fuck you. – Lou Reed (in 2013): 1942-2013 … Joey Ramone (Jeffrey Ross Hyman), Tommy Ramone (Erdélyi Tamás), Lenny Bruce (born Leonard Alfred Schneider), Bob Dylan (Robert Allen Zimmerman), Jonathan Richman, Abby Hoffman, Ellen Willis, Tuli Kupferberg, Philip Roth, Shulamith Firestone, Allen Ginsberg, Malcom McLaren, Alan Vega (Boruch Alan Bermowitz) […]

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Michel Vaujour: Maître Zen Pour Survivre (Zen Master To Survive)

Posted by on Feb 24, 2013 in Books, Care, Death, Doc, France, Human Rights, Mystery, NON, Teach |

& Maitre du Hold-Up/Evasion Master – On mesure la richesse de l’homme à ce dont ‘il peut se passer/One measures the richness of a human being through what he/she can live without – TO SURVIVE after having spent 27 years in jail, 17 of them in solitary confinement, with the light never off in a cell, and five evasions, one through a woman’s assistance piloting a helicopter out of Paris’ Santé prison, and to re-learn to walk after a bullet in the head – 27 ans en Prison (17 en QHS)…

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