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The Kindness of Yoram Gross (of Blinky Bill Fame)

Posted by on Dec 28, 2013 in Antisemitism, Doc, History, Jewish, Review, Shoah, Wars | 0 comments

Post-screening note and review: At my recent presentation of “Blinky and Me” at the St. Louis Holocaust Museum and Learning Center, it was clear that the audience was enthralled by watching the elder Yoram Gross, the noted Australian animator, passing the baton of history to his grandchildren with great patience and humor. What a vibrant family! Viewing it one more time, I realized that behind the film’s simplicity lies a tightly orchestrated symphony of highs and lows meant to encourage us all, as it says in the Torah, to choose life – fully aware of history. — Excerpts from a letter Mr. Gross recently sent me: About my films, as I was taught by [Ed.: the famous] Joris Ivens: “ If you have nothing to say, don’t make films.” – The things that I would like to say, adults already know. Therefore I made films for kids, where I wish to convey something from my long experience, with the hope that they will not make the same mistakes as the adults. In one of my animated films “Sara” with Mia Farrow, I am showing the tragedy of the World War II, but stating that such tragedies are happening still today. Video Clips… [...]

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Posted by on Nov 14, 2013 in Afri, Care, Film, Human Rights, Middle-East, Review, STL, Women | 0 comments

My Review: Based on real events, the film follows the separate lives of three Cairo women – played by three compelling actresses.
At first each story is presented as a single strand; slowly though, as through the perspective of some Brechtian “Distancing/Alienation Effect,” each saga ends up related to the others.
As the women meet each other, sexual harassment appears to be the pervasive and inescapable fabric of Egyptian culture, and once more, the personal becomes political.
The tension between oppressive conditions and the need to rebel has been portrayed cinematically many times before (as in such classics as Eisenstein’s Potemkin and Ruy Guerra’s Os Fuzis), but here, in the land of the Arab Spring, the awakening of consciousness of this small band of amazon warriors makes for a most resounding thriller.
With the ENTIRE MOVIE (now that SLIFF is over) – From the filmmaker, Mohamed Diab’s YouTube channel! [...]

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SLIFF BUZZ ’13: D-Day!

Posted by on Nov 14, 2013 in Film, Review, STL, World | 0 comments

350+ films, 54 countries, 39 free screenings/events, 100+ filmmakers!
75 narrative features, 63 documentary features, 192 shorts
201 screenings/programs – HERE IS THE ONLINE SCHEDULE
you can download a PDF of the program book (10MB)
Again some events will sell out! Shortly I will post my recommendations which as usual are many. Stay tuned.[...]

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Organic/Traditional Community Healing

Posted by on Oct 6, 2013 in Afri, Care, Eco, Health, Human Rights, Ideas, KeyFilm, Native, Peace, Review, Theater, Time, Wars | 0 comments

My review of Family Talk/Fambul Tok: Through the Truth and Reconciliation Commission – the TRC (cf. resources) – South Africa took the courageous steps to face and uncover the truth of its violent past, here Sierra Leone, through Tambul Tok, goes even further.
When considering that the family – in its extended meaning – requires a coming together of victim and perpetrator; how can we live together and incorporate what everyone would rather forget but cannot?
What does it take to forgive? Once more Africa has much to teach the world.
A few of the voices:
“For many years I’ve been thinking about this hidden pain in my heart. — we have been living together as brothers and sisters — I never spoke to anyone because it was a very fearful situation — There is no love between us”

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