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The Void and its Pressure

Posted by on Jan 1, 2016 in Art, Care, Complexity, Death, Doc, Education, Ego, Hispanic, Ideas, NON, Now, Peace, Poet, Site, Spectacle, Text, The Future, Time, Violence, Wars, Women, Words, World, Youth |

An interview with Pier Marton, translated from the Spanish. Excerpts: “what follows does not represent ideas but stands for a lived-through experience — something which by definition can neither be communicated nor argued with… what needs to be unlearned is beyond our grasp… it is by becoming somebody that one crowns a successful education — self-distinction, self-inflation are inculcated from the start… what is being discussed here corresponds to the very same silence that Rimbaud and Gauguin may have experienced through their exiles, or through death’s notorious silence… It should be evident that when something tragic takes place, words are failing us. Those crises contain a form of wisdom and clarity which would be good to apply during our “normal” states — not only during those dramatic transitions, when we don’t know what is happening. We actually never know what is happening and, in finding speech inadequate, words should always fail us. […]

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St. Louis Internet? A Terrible Situation

Posted by on Mar 24, 2015 in Corporations, Dollars, Human Rights, STL, The Future |

It seems that in St. Louis, AT&T has the monopoly of the internet business. They definitely act like it! What six months ago was a “promotion” for $42/month does not exist anymore. The single current “promotion” is $79/month for 45 Mbps. They move you up to a speed twice as fast, but they also get you to spend TWICE as much, and that’s their ONLY promotion available! … So what needs to happen? Does Next Century Cities need to happen here too? The mayor, the citizens of St. Louis need to get involved?… The Washington Post in January 2015 states that “The most popular residential plan is $45.50 a month for download speeds of 50 megabits per second.” Not in St. Louis! Something needs to change fast. Is it the same everywhere else in the U.S.? […]

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