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Organic/Traditional Community Healing

Posted by on Oct 6, 2013 in Afri, Care, Eco, Health, Human Rights, Ideas, KeyFilm, Native, Peace, Review, Theater, Time, Wars |

My review of Family Talk/Fambul Tok: Through the Truth and Reconciliation Commission – the TRC (cf. resources) – South Africa took the courageous steps to face and uncover the truth of its violent past, here Sierra Leone, through Tambul Tok, goes even further.
When considering that the family – in its extended meaning – requires a coming together of victim and perpetrator; how can we live together and incorporate what everyone would rather forget but cannot?
What does it take to forgive? Once more Africa has much to teach the world.
A few of the voices:
“For many years I’ve been thinking about this hidden pain in my heart. — we have been living together as brothers and sisters — I never spoke to anyone because it was a very fearful situation — There is no love between us”

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Washington & Hollywood Join Hands

Posted by on May 1, 2013 in Death, Humor, Media, Middle-East, Politics, Spectacle, Theater, US, Wars |

… to say in unison, we can’t do much more than smile and laugh. War or comic relief?
What is on: the joke is ON, the show is ON, the spectacle goes ON… and dissent is co-opted and absorbed. Too uncool, it is time to laugh.
The surface of politics and that of entertainment rejoice in their union, a joke within a joke. What are we laughing at?
Can the tradition of the Correspondents’ Dinner be maintained as wars kill?
HUMOR REQUIRES A BITE – otherwise it is just a pacifier.
Time to Re-Read Neil Postman (author of “Amusing Ourseslves to Death”)?

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