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Wild Tales/ Relatos Salvajes/Les Nouveaux Sauvages/Storie pazzesche/Jeder dreht mal durch!

Bromas y broncas…
Hasta que la muerte nos separe – Todos podemos perder el control.

– now more than 3.500 000 spectators in Argentina –

My review:
Frustration and furor… anger and revenge… these emotional knots are as ancient as humanity, yet packed into the six tight stories that form Wild Tales, they become a wild roller-coaster ride: the humor is explosive, the jokes hard-hitting, the dysfunctional machine is perfectly well-oiled!
Society has a great many constraints but if we go outside, we can feel sooo free! Damián Szifron, the director of Wild Tales explores what lies beyond the rules, when we lose control… and anything can happen.
After breaking the all-time record of attendance in Argentina, it was nominated – along with two other very strong contenders, Timbuktu (at the Plaza Frontenac) & Leviathan – for the Foreign Film Academy Award but regrettably, like the other two, did not win.
If you appreciate Robert Rodriguez’s revenge film, Machete Kills, Hugo Rodriguez’ zany comedy, Nicotina, and are familiar with the venerable tradition of Buñuel and Almadóvar, you will relish the “Bonsai treatment” that Damián Szifron gives to his stories. Otherwise, still go (out on a limb)!

We can all lose control! Until death separates us! (publicity slogans)

We can all lose control! Until death separates us! (publicity slogans)

Wild Tales/Relatos Salvajes Trailer

Cannes Conference (an excerpt):

The whole Cannes conference:

Rueda Prensa en San Sebastian con los hermanos Almadóvar

Entrevista con Damián Szifrón

The soundtrack is by Oscar winning Gustavo Santaolalla (Babel & Brokeback Mountain….).
Diario en Motocicleta/The Motorcycle Diaries


21 Grams

Gabriel Pasternak = Andreas Lubitz? Yes, we could not laugh at that tragic connection… but then we may not laugh at much anymore.