Putting something into context so it is not news anymore… — Alan Kay

Any sound is only heard before it is cataloged…
Afterwards, it is too late for it has already been filed away…

Hence, not knowing what one hears is key to true listening.


MixJarDemo – a 10 minute, highly compressed, demo clip for a one hour show on community radio, KDHX in St. Louis.
The show was approved by the station but never went on the air.
I would love to bring this kind of show to NPR or any non-commercial radio station, please let me know your ideas…

Its goal is to produce a showcase for adventurous music from all around the world.

As the world appears to become smaller and the boundaries between countries seem more and more porous, music follows suit: far from any kind of commercialized or a so-called unified “world music”, many musicians and composers excel in the cracks.

Hybrid cultures create pockets of resistance in genre-bending ways, often making the listener feel at a loss to define the type of music they are listening to, and/or “where in the world” this music originates from.

The edges between
“experimental” or “folk music” might have become irrelevant. Labels do not fit easily anymore, except possibly that of being “compelling yet unclassifiable” or as Brian Eno recently stated: The idea that something is uncool because it’s old or foreign has left the collective consciousness.

Artists featured could include Manu Chao, Ekova, Shantel, Hughes Le Bars, Rokia Traoré. Mikhail Alperin, Tom Zé, Balkan Beat Box, Accordion Tribe, Yat-Kha, Youssou N’Dour, U Yee Nwe and Luako Bop singers and musicians…