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The city where many of my father’s sculptures are in their Art Museum…

"Let the Music Play" ©Marton 2014

“Let the Music Play” ©Marton 2014

In 1941 about 3,400 Jews lived in Szombathely, nearly 10% of the population.

Starting in 1942, Jewish men were forced into (Hungarian) labor battalions with very few surviving the extermination (which is what it was – I just visited my 93 year old mother’s cousin in London: they were 600 to enter in 1941 with two of them coming back, my mother and her sister lost their first husbands there).

In May 1944, Jews were concentrated in the local ghetto. A few months later, between July 4 & July 6, 4228 Jews were deported from Szombathely to Auschwitz – about fifty Jews survived the Holocaust.

Bardós Alice

About the violonist Alice Bárdos who perished upon arrival in Auschwitz (and more).