An imperfect world leaves its mark… but for a people devoid of history, instant patina needs be purchased (weathered/faded/frayed jeans…).

In Japan, Raku pottery carries those marks. Two important interpretations:
the architect, Tadao Ando‘s take,
and one from the Hermitary, on the Aesthetics of Solitude.
Somewhat parallel: to remember the temple’s destruction, part of every (Jewish) building is supposed to include an unfinished portion.

There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. Leonard Cohen

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Instant History #1 – NYC Subway
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Los Angeles Sprayed © Marton 2009

A painting student
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Long Beach Gardening
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Long Beach Earthquake Crack
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Instant History #2 – St. Louis Galleria
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A NYTimes Fashion Report ©NYTimes

A common bathroom but with those even more common photo filters.

Apparently Wabi-Sabi is becoming more and more popular.
Is it global warming that turns instant decay into our every day landscape?
Limor Sadot in Israel has collected many images on her Pinterest account.

If you are already curious about Wabi-Sabi, I would recommend going further and investigate Mono No Aware