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– apparently others in St. Louis are also very concerned
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An offer you can’t refuse…

$80/month, you gotta love it!

It seems that in St. Louis, AT&T has the monopoly of the internet business. They definitely act like it!
What six months ago was a “promotion” for $42/month does not exist anymore. The single current “promotion” is  $79/month for 45 Mbps.
They move you up to a speed twice as fast, but they also get you to spend about TWICE as much, and that’s their only promotion available!

So what needs to happen? Does Next Century Cities need to happen here too? The mayor, the citizens of St. Louis need to get involved?

Here is what NCC proposes:

NCC’s Principles

Next Century Cities believes that there is no single pathway to a smart, effective approach to next- generation broadband. What matters is meaningful choice, dedicated leadership, and smart collaboration. Our participating leaders and communities are committed to the following principles:

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